The best way to manage your portfolio companies

Konnex helps VC and PE companies manage their portfolio through simple data collection, analytics and automated reporting.
Our Story

The idea behind Konnex began at Harvard Business School, where a team of investment professionals noticed a lack of tools for PE and VC investors to monitor their portfolios. We built a software solution to help reduce the time wasted on manual tasks.

Our Vision

Konnex' goal is to allow investments professionals to focus on what they do best: invest and create value. We will take care of the rest.


We leverage Salesforce's technology to collect and store data, calculate key metrics, generate reports and distribute these to key stakeholders.


How it works

Data Collection

Konnex will send automatic surveys to the relevant people in your portfolio companies so they can enter their data. This data will then be stored centrally as part of your Salesforce instance.


Konnex will automatically calculate the metrics that matter most to you. Manual calculations based on dozens of excel sheets are over.


Konnex will help you generate reports summarising the performance of your portfolio companies and your funds. You will be able to easily share these reports with your LPs, GPs, and other stakeholders.

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