To join (two or more things) together. : to join with or become joined to something else. : to think of (something or someone) as being related to or involved with another person, thing, event, or idea.

Generate mobile moments that establish your ability to... 

Clinical content 
and key messages
Intellectual capital
Konnex is a mobile communications management company providing strategies and solutions that enable our clients to strategically leverage mobile technology that complements, supports and extends their existing activities. 
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Our solution: Mobilezen, Alterain, and Sparq

Mobilezen enables clients to utilize custom keywords and our proprietary 99699 short-code for easy opt-in and access to mobile optimized content on or off the Alterain platform. Opt-ins can be segmented and receive tailored Sparq communications, surveys, polls, or content links. 
Alterain is a patent pending, award winning, mobile-first platform that streamlines access to mission critical content. 

Sparq is a mobile messaging engine that is used to engage your target audience with calls to action (94% of text messages are read upon receipt). Sparq + Alterain enable you to initiate mobile moments that deliver frictionless exposure to your clinical content and messages.

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